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Pricing Guide

RakBoard’s Payment Terms:
Guaranteed Pay

By guaranteeing pay to potential candidates, RakBoard attracts high caliber Filipino remote staff for you that will be 100% committed to your business, and thus will help RakBoard clients make their virtual staff accountable, and arguably build a lasting relationship.

No Work, No Pay

In the event your virtual assistant does not work for any reason within the agreed workweek, you the clients will not be charged on that day or days.

Verify Worked Hours

Clients and their offshore staff will have the ability to review productivity against worked hours daily, weekly, or before end of month. Clients however should understand that once payroll has been released then any questions are considered moot and academic.

Credit back on unused hours

All unconsumed hours will be rolled over to the following month’s “Running or Remaining Balance” of the client

Payroll for your Remote Staff

RakBoard will handle client’s staff payroll. Managing payroll in any country involve time consuming process from registration, tax, payment to multiple payment portals. RakBoard simplify things by taking care of the payroll of your offshore staff for our clients.. RakBoard will pay in the local currency, at the start of each month.

Fluctuation Fee

Currency rate fixed when client’s hire their homebased professional staff with RakBoard. As currencies fluctuate each month and years ahead, a charge maybe applied to client’s invoice.

Accepted Payment methods


Bank to Bank

RakBoard uses USD as standard currency conversions and reference

Billing Cycle

Advance invoicing, advance payment based on the no. of working days in a month. Automated system being created each before the end of month that client’s will have to settled otherwise professional remote staff will not be able to log in and accomplish tasks.content

Pricing Choose Your Best Plan


0 to 6 months experience

hourly rate plus $150


6 months to 2 years experience

hourly rate plus $200


More than 2 years experience

Hourly rate + $300

Outsourcing will help your business have an avenue to grow. Save up to 70% or more when you hire your virtual staff from the Philippines

 Payscale Comparison (USA and Philippines)